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Today I walked pass the Dior boutique and stopped for SEVERAL minutes to look at a bag which grabbed my attention. There were a few things going to my mind. The bag I was looking was Dior Replica Handbags.

The bag is definitely not an evening bag or one you would walk around doing shopping. The bag is good use for work. But what’s makes me questioning was the word ‘bamboo’ in its name. Bamboo + bag, does that work?

Dior Replica Handbags

Apparently this Dior bag have some touch of a Bamboo, see the locker. But I feel that bamboo and Replica Prada Bags simply do not match. It is a CUTE bag, just need one or two changes. The first is the locker, leave the bamboo at home and the second is the two straps hanging of the bag. Imagine that being removed would make this bag a perfect classy bag.